Metaliminal Storms Update now live | EVE Online

Metaliminal Storms Update now live

2020-08-20 - 작성자 CCP Dopamine

Wandering Capsuleers,

The Metaliminal Storms update is now live in EVE Online, meaning chaotic storms of Abyssal energy will start appearing randomly in nullsec space. These roaming storms will move slowly between star systems via the gate network.

The wandering weather will apply system effects, not unlike those seen in wormhole space and Abyssal Deadspace, with a core of systems that contain the strongest effects, as well as a periphery of additional star systems exhibiting weaker versions of those effects, also. The storms may even meet and collide in space!

These storms affect Capsuleer vessels in a number of ways, providing new challenges and opportunities across nullsec frontiers. In addition to the system effects, the core systems also have additional sites spawning that can be discovered by Capsuleers who venture into the storm for potential riches!