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Minedrill, Top Down Partner To Develop New Mining Technology

2009-02-11 - 작성자 Svarthol

Korama - Minedrill CEO Soisonen Okalala and Top Down Retail CEO Mannen Marukaiken shook hands today on a new deal that calls for Minedrill to develop a variety of mining technologies for use both on planets and in space. The news prompted both companies' stock to rise slightly and many analysts are seeing this as further step towards resolving the Ishukone CEO crisis, putting yet another feather in Okalala's cap.

Minedrill has traditionally designed mining equipment for internal use only, and while their proprietary technology has given them an edge on many of their competitors it has also increased costs considerably. The new deal with Top Down will give Minedrill the advantage of outsourcing most of the production overhead, as well as being able to resell its technology for a higher return on investment.

When asked why he selected Lai Dai subsidiary Top Down for this deal, Okalala told reporters that "Top Down has a sterling reputation for the kind of quality we want associated with the Minedrill brand. The fact that they already have an extensive distribution network throughout the State only sweetens the deal for us. Really, it's a win-win all the way."

As for Top Down, Marukaiken sees the deal as a way for Top Down to break into a new market. "Most people know Top Down for our renowned line of consumer products. Partnering with Minedrill is an excellent way for us to make a major expansion into heavy industry."

The deal isn't expected to produce results for at least two to three years, though Marukaiken did say that Top Down was considering marketing Minedrill-branded mining lasers and mining drones in the near future "to get the ball rolling."