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Minmatar Liberation Day Returns! 

2022-07-07 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Defiant Capsuleers,

Celebrate the freedom of the Seven Tribes of Matar during this year’s Liberation Day festivities from 7 – 19 July, with the return of the Liberation Games! Participate in the reenactments of battles from the Great Rebellion, follow a trail of historical events from Minmatar history, enjoy parade sites, get seasonal rewards, join a new Mining Blitz, and more!


This year marks the 144th anniversary of the Great Rebellion, when the Minmatar people united as one to break free from more than 900 years of oppression and slavery under the Amarr, rising up to forge their own destiny among the stars of New Eden.

The Liberation Games are the centerpiece of Liberation Day festivities, celebrating the rebellion and the shared spirit of the Tribes as well as renewing a united dedication to continued efforts to free countless brothers and sisters still suffering in servitude. Declare allegiance to one the Seven Tribes of Matar for the Liberation Games by selecting them in the Agency.

  • BRUTOR - A disciplined and strong-willed people who consider themselves the defenders of all Minmatar.
  • SEBIESTOR - Emphasizing practical skills, the Sebiestor are known far and wide as engineers and inventors.
  • VHEROKIOR - Mystics of this tribe are the guardians of the Voluval Ritual and travel immense distances.
  • THUKKER - Nomadic and fiercely independent, the Thukker travel the stars in Great Caravans of starships.
  • KRUSUAL - The only tribe that was not completely conquered by the Amarr, their pride is infamous among the Minmatar.
  • NEFANTAR - A tribe split between those who remain loyal to the Amarr and those who returned to their homelands.
  • STARKMANIR - Few in number and once thought lost forever, the Starkmanir are a symbol of survival for all.

Take part in the events and activities available during the celebrations to collect points and earn rewards, including SKINs and a special facial tattoo in the colors and style of your chosen Tribe. At the conclusion of the Liberation Games, the Tribe whose Capsuleers have earned the most points overall will gain control of a commemorative station in Pator, home system of the Minmatar, for the next year!


Seek out combat reenactments of battles from the days of the Great Rebellion across Minmatar space and the Great Wildlands, and demonstrate your defiance against autonomous drone recreations of the Amarr fleets that failed to extinguish the eternal flame of freedom in the hearts the Minmatar.

For those not interested in combat, have no fear: themed Data Sites and Mining Expeditions provide other options to enjoy the festivities and earn points & rewards!


Dive into a high-speed Proving Ground event, going head-to-head in 1v1 combat aboard the Republic’s iconic Stabber, Rupture, and Bellicose cruisers.

The effects of overheating many module types, including turrets, are doubled in this arena, and a massive Tachyon cloud brings you up to blistering speeds as you battle your opponents – so load your guns and get ready to go all-out!


Journey across New Eden on a trail of major historical locations in Minmatar history, learning stories and events of the past while earning points for your Tribe in this repeatable route – and travel to a different Parade Site each day of the celebrations to launch fireworks and earn daily Skill Point rewards!


Log in for at least 7 days during the celebrations to claim a selection of themed daily login rewards, including fireworks, Liberation Games SKINs, boosters, Skill Points, and a Minmatar Expert System.


Emblazon your ship with one of the most iconic symbols of the Great Rebellion. Chainbreaker Khumaak SKINs are returning to the NES until 19 July, with added availability on 12 new Minmatar ships, including the Rifter, Hurricane, Sabre.

Additionally, don’t miss out on the new Great Rebellion Packs available until the end of the event, bringing you stylish apparel, SKINs, Omega time, a Cerebral Accelerator, and Skill Points!

Festivities are already in full swing as the people of the Republic celebrate their hard-won freedom and renew a united and unbreakable spirit that ensures a day of darkness will never again fall on the Minmatar people.

See you in space!