Mordu's Legion hunts and kills Serpentis battleship | EVE Online

Mordu's Legion hunts and kills Serpentis battleship

2005-07-12 - 작성자 Svarthol

PURE BLIND. Commander Jaymamera Mayer, head of Mordu’s Legion Security Division at 5ZXX-K officially confirmed what until now was rumor only: Serpentis operatives are being actively hunted by Mordu’s forces in the Placid region.

News arrived a few days ago about Serpentis battleships being destroyed in conjunction with freelance pod-pilot forces yet no Mordu’s official had commented until today.

"A Serpentis Megathron was tracked down to the Moclinamaud system by a three man Mordu’s squad under the command of Lt. Amlerik Raun," confirmed Cmdr. Mayer. "Lt Raun opted for a careful approach to the situation. Retreating to Orvolle he managed to enroll six freelance pilots, who were deemed more than enough for the task at hand."

Upon returning to Moclinamaud, all stargates were secured as per standard procedure and the system scanned; the available firepower easily disposed the hostile Battleships as soon as it was found.”

Mayer refused to comment on the notorious decrease of Mordu’s presence on the Outer Ring sector and/or its effect on Serpentis activity in the region; no other Mordu official was available for comment.