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Mordu's Legion launches Flagship vessel.

2007-04-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

5ZXX-K - On Thursday 12th at approximately 11:00, the first of two planned Flagships was launched in the Mordu's HQ System. The vessel, christened ”Honour”, will be under the direct command of Colonel Akuras of the Mordu's Legion Command.

The exact specifications of the ship remain unknown, although anonymous high-level sources have supported more widespread rumours that the vessel is a capital-class craft of some kind. The Legion itself has refrained from officially commenting on the ship type at this moment, offering only the word “flagship” as a description. Given the longstanding history of other Legion task forces utilising Dreadnought-class capitals, the current speculation is rife.

Following the launch there was a small, private ceremony held in station, where the Caldari Navy officially transferred control of the vessel over to Colonel Akuras of the Mordu's High Command. Col. Akuras graciously accepted the transferral, promising that Honour would live up to it’s name, and uphold the shared ideals of the Legion and the Caldari State.

When asked in a brief interview about the tasks Honour will be expected to undertake, the commander replied: “She is just the first step in a planned build up of forces to reinforce our position in the Pure Blind Region. It takes more than one ship to secure a region this large, however it will certainly be a considerably easier task now.”

Commenting on the plans for a possible second flagship vessel, the commander was less forthcoming, hinting that so far, only a name existed: “As with most plans of this nature, there is a large investment of time and other resources involved. Hopefully one day Glory will fly next to her sister, allowing the Mordu's Legion a greater range of tactical options that it can choose to employ in the future.”

Colonel Akuras himself has a long and distinguished history with the Legion, and was the expected candidate for command of the vessel and it’s support. The son of an officer who fought alongside Mordu during the Caldari-Gallente war, he has followed on in his father’s footsteps, earning the Legion’s Gold Cluster with bar, the Legion’s Purple heart, and various other accolades. His loyalty to the Legion is almost as renown as his success in establishing the Legion since their relocation, a mission he was personally tasked with overseeing.

The Legion has slowly been consolidating their position in Pure Blind, ever since their rearrangement of forces primarily to the area over a year ago, a move that followed the high-profile end to their contract with Outer Ring Excavations. Since that time, they have launched squads of increasing capability and strength, such as the “Night Stalkers”, the 5th Dreadnought task force despatched since the repositioning.

According to sources within the Legion High command, Honour will be undergoing test runs at the Legions Testing Facilities in the Pure Blind Region, and is scheduled for tactical deployment within the next few weeks.