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New Fanfest Community Events!

2023-04-17 - 작성자 EVE Online Team

Globetrotting Capsuleers,

Fanfest 2023 is bringing pilots from across the globe to Reykjavík to share their passion and friendship, and celebrate 20 incredible years of EVE Online. Marking a major milestone for EVE, the gathering in Iceland’s capital is shaping up to be the most memorable Fanfest yet. And with three new community events just added to the schedule, it’s a place to forge memories you’ll cherish for years.

You can learn more about all the new events – the Friday Fleet-Up, The (LAN) Party at the Top of the World, and Midnight Northern Lights Explorer Tour with EVE Devs – down below.

Before that, if you're curious about coming to the EVE Fanfest 2023, it’s a three-day EVE community festival taking place in Reykjavík, filled with parties, presentations, opportunities to hang out with devs and fellow pilots, insight into what comes next for EVE, and exploration of Iceland’s remarkable landscape and culture. As excitement builds around EVE’s 20th Anniversary, tickets for the Fanfest events are selling faster than ever before. With that in mind, and eager to make this year’s Fanfest an unmissable moment in EVE’s history, the following events have been added:


If you’re looking for a Fanfest event that captures the spirit of what EVE is, you don’t want to miss The (LAN) Party at the Top of the World. It’s a chance to come together and play EVE with old friends and new acquaintances for the first ever Not Fanfest Shoot It (NFSI) roam. Join up to 50 other capsuleers and developers for the biggest EVE Online LAN party ever, at the Arena esports facility in Kópavogur.

The roam will follow the rules of a typical Not Purple Shoot It (NPSI) fleet: players in attendance are expected to put aside their in-game allegiances, form up together and roam as one group whose only loyalty is to each other. Attendees will be using their own player accounts and ships. The fleet compositions being cooked up for the roam will provide fitting options for a range of skill levels and wallet sizes, so if you’re a newer player or don’t have much ISK to throw around there will still be a place for you in the fleet! And whatever your experience, you get a complimentary beer or soda on arrival, and a pizza buffet to fuel your flight time.

The roam will also be livestreamed on CCPTV from Arena’s studio with developer and player hosts, so if you can’t make it to Iceland in person for EVE Online’s milestone 20th birthday Fanfest you can still enjoy the explosions from home. Plus, you might even pick up some sweet prizes while tuning in!

The roam takes place on 20 September from 13:00-17:00. There are only 50 tickets available for this unmissable event, and they’re on sale now. So, get yourself to the official EVE Fanfest page and check the tickets!


As much as Fanfest 2023 is about celebrating EVE’s 20th anniversary, it’s equally a chance to meet, catch up with, and hang out with your fellow players. So, if you’re feeling social, the Friday Fleet-Up will bring players together for an unforgettable party in downtown Reykjavik's grand Gamla Bíó venue.

Traditionally, what is usually the infamous Fanfest Pub Crawl’s closing party is only open to those that have joined the crawl. This year, though, we’ve moved it to an even bigger venue, letting us welcome even more pilots to the fun. There will be DJs, dancing (we hope!), and a chance to make happy memories with wingmen and New Eden rivals alike – all down the road from the Kaffi Sólon, where the first Fanfest party was held way back in 2004.

The Friday Fleet-Up takes place on 22 September, running from 21:00-to-01:00. To purchase tickets, head to the official EVE Fanfest page.


When tickets for Fanfest 2023’s Midnight Northern Lights tour were made available, they sold out in in a day. With a view to letting as many pilots as possible see the iconic Icelandic spectacle that is the aurora borealis, a new Northern Lights experience has been added to the Fanfest bill. Join players and EVE devs on chase for the Northern Lights with the Midnight Northern Lights Explorer tour with Devs!

We start our journey at the Harpa concert hall, before driving out of the city with an experienced tour guide, who will lead us to the ideal spots and most favourable conditions for seeing a full aurora borealis display.

The Midnight Northern Lights Explorer tour takes place on 20 September, running from 21:00-to-01:00. Again, if you want to purchase tickets for this separate event, head to the official EVE Fanfest page.


As excitement for Fanfest 2023 builds, a handful of existing extra events still have spots available. There are still slots for partners and other traveling companions to leave their EVE-loving accomplice to it while they explore Iceland on the Sisters of EVE tour. If you’re quick you can still grab a place at the Charity Dinner with CCP Games' CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson, devs, and fellow players. And you’re not too late to embark on the FlyOver Iceland experience with EVE Online Devs. Details of all those events can be found at the official EVE Fanfest page – where you’ll also find all the key detail on attending Fanfest 2023.

There’s no game like EVE Online, and there’s no community celebration like Fanfest. We look forward to joining as many of you as possible as we celebrate 20 incredible years of EVE Online, with a festival like no other. See you in Reykjavík for friendship, fun, and spectacle!