New Horizons in New Eden | EVE Online

New Horizons in New Eden

2021-04-16 - 작성자 CCP Convict

The last several weeks has seen the addition of new landmarks throughout the cluster and upgrades to many existing ones. From Chribba's statue in Amarr and the Federation Grand Prix starting line in Luminaire to stunning new space features like Cord of the Elements and Trace Cosmos rippling through the skies of New Eden, there's plenty for the sightseeing capsuleer to feast their eyes on!

This Saturday 17 April at 16:00 UTC on CCPTV we will take a tranquil tour around these new sites, discuss the history of the landmarks and look at the process of getting them into EVE Online. Joining the stream from CCP will be:

  • CCP Fozzie - Senior Game Designer
  • CCP Myrkur - Lead VFX Artist
  • CCP BlueScreen - Senior 3D Artist
  • CCP Swift - Community Developer

And we will welcome special guest Mark726 - aka WebSpaceships - creator of the famous EVE Travel blog and expert on the many sights of New Eden.

See you there!