o7 episode 4 - now on YouTube | EVE Online

o7 episode 4 - now on YouTube

2015-01-16 - 작성자 CCP Guard

For those who missed the live broadcast of o7 yesterday the show is now available on YouTube

In this episode we unveiled new features coming in February and March, talked to the organizers of EVE Nottingham and the creator of the freshly launched evemeet.net, CCP Rise taught us how to fit a hull tanking Navy Exequror which he then tested live in a wild brawl in Amamake. We also took a closer look at Virtual World Operations, the team reasponsible for running and evolving Tranquility, discussed various interesting events that have taken place in the EVE community lately, and we showed off a concept drawing of the Minmatar Tactical Destroyer coming in February.

For your convenience each segment is time-linked in the description of the video and there's a survey there as well if you want to give us feedback on the show.