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Order of St. Tetrimon petitions Theology Council.

2006-08-07 - 작성자 Svarthol

Grand Master Horm of the Order of St. Tetrimon has called upon the Theology Council to remove the privileges granted by the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order in a GalNet publicized petition, openly challenging the Theology Council to act.

The Grand Master named a particular pilot in this petition, Golan Trevize, who currently works for the Mercenary Coalition but is a former member of the 1st Praetorian Guard an Amarrian loyalist organisation. He was awarded the Cross of the Sacred Throne Order, one of the highest accolades in Amarr society for services to the Emperor and the Amarr Empire. This petition specifically targets Golan Trevize, claiming that he has turned his back on the Empire by putting his personal monetary interests before those of the Empire.

The petition, signed personally by Grand Master Horm calls for the removal of the Cross itself from Golan Trevize. This may also open the way for similar action against other pilots who have been awarded the Cross and subsequently left the Empire.

The petition was brought before the Theology Council, where it stirred heated discussions amongst the various council members and Court Chamberlain. Even after a full day of deliberation, the debate continued behind closed doors, indicative that there are strong opinions being expressed about this matter. Deacon Lorenzo Azir has called for an outright dismissal of the petition due to the public manner by which it was delivered to them.

The Sacred Throne Order was originally a secret group of the Emperor's most loyal followers during the moral reforms, when the Council of Apostles contested the power of the Emperor. The Cross of the Sacred Throne Order honours this old promise to Loyalty, and is only awarded to those Amarrian individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty to the Amarr Empire.

The Order of St. Tetrimon may also have ulterior motives in delivering this petition to the Theology Council. Political analysts predict that by disrupting the operations of the Theology Council with this difficult issue, Tetrimon are making an open political move against them which may spur other groups opposed to the Theology Council into action.

It is however unlikely that the other parties involved, apart from Tetrimon and Golan Trevize, will seek to publicize their actions during this troublesome period.