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Pandemic Legion Keeps IT Alliance Occupied in Delve as War Rages in North

2010-05-11 - 작성자 Svarthol

KFIE-Z, Delve - As war rages between the Northern Coalition [NC] and Southern Coalition [SC], Pandemic Legion has been attacking IT Alliance (part of the Southern Coalition) on their home-front in Delve.

Pandemic Legion have been striking into the region from KFIE-Z, a single-gate system in the Blood Raider Covenant-controlled part of Delve. Their raids have targetted IT's infrastructure and allies to divide their attention from the war against the NC.

The distraction in IT's home region has so far cost them several high-end moons along with some capital and supercapital assets caught in the attacks, while PL have mostly focused on using sub-capital assets, thus denying their opponents many opportunities for similar-scale kills. This was not the case, however, during a battle in KFIE-Z last week, when IT forces attempted to destroy the tower sheltering a number of PL titans and supercarriers. Pandemic Legion fielded an estimated 20 heavy interdictors over the course of the fight, managing to destroy 4 IT supercarriers along with a number of carriers, dreadnoughts and support ships for 16 reported losses, mostly heavy interdictors.

The war continues daily between NC forces and SC forces, however Pandemic Legion have ensured they are doing their bit as they give IT some problems to deal with in Delve.

For this article the Interstellar Correspondents attempted to contact IT alliance for their side of the story through Michelle Jarre, but no response has yet been received.

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