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Poksu Mineral Group Announces Facility Annexation

2009-09-07 - 작성자 Svarthol

Uphallant - The Poksu Mineral Group announced today that it would take over administration of Material Acquisition's extraction and refining operations in the Uphallant system. Though the State's decision to auction off development rights in the occupied systems has been well publicized, this announcement marks the first time that the Caldari have formally annexed existing facilities in the border regions. As part of a negotiated profit-sharing settlement, Poksu personnel and equipment are slated to begin staging out of the Nugoeihuvi stations within the system until occupation of Material Acquisition's facilities can be implemented.

The move has provoked controversy on both sides of the border. Minedrill has already lodged a complaint with the Caldari Business Tribunal, putting forth a "prior claim" based on a past joint venture with Material Acquisition. Further, if this trend continues, Gallente investors with concerns in the region stand to lose trillions; many are following Material Acquisition's lead by filing injunctions with the Secure Commerce Commission to stop further takeovers. Finally, Poksu spokeswoman Juunigara Hesaala's off-hand "to the victor go the spoils" remark during her press conference has angered the Gallente business community. Poksu has since publicly apologized for Ms. Hesaala's remark, but the resentment continues.

The Foiritan Administration has also been mentioned repeatedly by angry investors. "If the administration and the military hadn't been asleep at the wheel, we wouldn't be in this mess," said Duwella Gaugnier, an investor with significant real-estate holdings in nearby Dastryns. While the Uphallant system plays host to both Federal Defence Union and Federation Navy stations, the Caldari Navy and militia's total control of the area make it unlikely that Poksu's move could be resisted by force, a fact which further angers Foiritan's critics.

The Secure Commerce Commission has made no indication as to whether or not it will step into the Caldari-Gallente dispute.