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Political Pressure Intensifies on Republic University Trustees

2009-10-30 - 작성자 Svarthol

Hulm - Fenn Khuhurit, a prominent Sebiestor MP, added his voice to those questioning a research grant awarded to Prof. Velys Gorra by Republic University. Khukurit remarked on this issue during an interview with Sebiestor Tribal Broadcasting.

"There's quite clearly a disconnect between the University's charter and this kind of apologist nonsense. How is this kind of spending at all in the public interest? Research money should be going towards progressing Minmatar achievements, not extolling Amarr ones."

Though he is the first MP to comment on the issue since the controversy began last week, several other officials have come out in support of his position. Some have threatened to conduct parliamentary hearings on the issue.

The Board of Trustees released a statement today, saying that research grants were given "on the recommendation of University administration and faculty representatives," and claimed that the grant had seen "almost unanimous" approval. Prof. Lillaka Uithmil, leading the opposition to the grant, called the statement a "dodge." "Research grants should not be based on popularity contests, but on the social benefits they provide to the Minmatar Republic," she said. "Clearly there was a lack of consideration for the wider impact of such a grant on the trustees' part."