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Providence Directorate announces Gallente auction winners

2009-08-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

New Caldari - The Caldari Providence Directorate has today announced the winning bids for their recent auction of Gallente space. Big winners include Kaalakiota and Sukuuvestaa, while Ishukone makes do with just a single solitary system. The winning corporations are now authorized to exploit these systems to the fullest for as long as they remain in Caldari hands.

As expected, the wealth and reach of the megacorporations has driven smaller corps entirely out of the running. The "blind auction" format seems to have made it difficult for even comparatively wealthy sub-megas - such as perennially successful Ytiri - to gain any kind of foothold. All eight megacorps had at least one successful bid, with Suvee leading the charge and claiming fourteen systems. Meanwhile, in a move many are describing as "baffling", Ishukone has laid claim to a single system - Intaki, generally considered to be the least promising prospect in the auction due to its comparative lack of mineral wealth and vast native population. Sources believe that this was the only bid Ishukone made, and several question where the financially struggling megacorp managed to find the money.

Political analysts are in agreement that a large degree of politicking has taken place behind the scenes, with many pointing out that the coherent clustering of both individual corporations and ideological blocs is not something that would occur without extensive horse-trading. There is much disagreement over what the long-term consequences of the auction will be, but there are signs that the megacorps are already moving assets into place to begin exploitation as soon as possible.

The full results follow :-

Sukuuvestaa Corporation [14 Systems]:

·         Abune

·         Costolle

·         Deven

·         Fliet

·         Heydieles

·         Indregulle

·         Ladistier

·         Loes

·         Menmaniel

·         Muetralle

·         Murethand

·         Old Man Star

·         Ouelletta

·         Vifrevaert

CBD Corporation [6 Systems]:

·         Covryn

·         Dastryns

·         Harroule

·         Hevrice

·         Jovainnon

·         Ostingele

Nugoeihuvi Corporation [2 Systems]:

·         Iges

·         Uphallant

Hyasyoda Corporation [4 Systems]:

·         Agoze

·         Annancale

·         Brarel

·         Vey

Ishukone Corporation [1 System]:

·         Intaki

Kaalakiota Corporation [8 Systems]:

·         Alamel

·         Alparena

·         Arderonne

·         Athounon

·         Mantenault

·         Mercomesier

·         Odamia

·         Reschard

Lai Dai Corporation [4 Systems]:

·         Aldranette

·         Anchauttes

·         Esesier

·         Evaulon

Wiyrkomi Corporation [8 Systems]:

·         Aslavoinon

·         Aubenall

·         Eugales

·         Fraire

·         Moclinamaud

·         Oicx

·         Renarelle

·         Vlillirier