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Proving Filaments Stream Dream Teams

2020-07-17 - 작성자 CCP Convict

With the introduction of the new Proving Filaments this week we thought it would be the perfect time to stage a huge event: CCP and our amazing streaming community will be teaming up to bring you some epic 2v2 PvP action!

On Saturday, July 18 from 19:00 to 21:00 UTC/EVE time the streamer + dev teams will be running the Proving Filaments on Tranquility in their best* T1 cruiser fits, streaming the action live and looking for fights!

You can tune in to watch your favourite streamer or just cherry pick from any of the many concurrent streams that will be running. Or of course you can just grab a friend, log in to EVE and run the filaments yourself during this time - you'll be guaranteed to get some good fights and you might get matched up against one of the many streamer + dev teams that will be active during this period and gather some highly coveted killmails!

Here are the confirmed teams and where you can watch them:

Of course if you can't decide who to watch you can always keep an eye on the multistream link to see where the action is going down! 1 | 2

If you want to fly out to meet us then remember that the 2v2 Proving Filaments for the opening event of Quadrant 3 are restricted to the Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis and Bellicose hulls.

We'll see you on Twitch... or in the arena!

*Fits may actually be super bad.