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Quafe Company Accused of Arms Running

2003-10-21 - 작성자 Svarthol

Caldari sources are reporting scan results have exposed a heretofore unknown practice by Gallentean company Quafe: transporting weapons and ammunition into their stations in Caldari space. Hanni Isollenek, operating for the Lai Dai Protection corporation, uncovered shipments of “millions of isk” worth of arms and armaments intermingled with more mundane cargos. At the time of this writing, it is unknown if this marks a change in official Quafe corporate policy.

“Scans show office equipment—data sheets, reports, supplies—which is to be expected. But we have also ascertained that these supply trains are carrying ammunition and heavy armaments, which is not only unexpected, but troubling.” Isollenek is an operative in an “intelligence gathering arm” of Lai Dai Protection.

“Any further action is a matter for the State, but we will be sharing our data with all interested parties,” Isollenek went on to say. “Quafe has some explaining to do.”

Esh Eikaan, a Caldari political analyst operating for an independent corporation, defends the Quafe company’s alleged actions. “If they are transporting weapons, they are only doing what every other company and governmental body are doing. Everyone is preparing for these suddenly uncertain times. Even if the Amarr Succession and the troubles in the Minmatar Parliament are resolved in the best possible way, organized criminal activity and rogue corporations are seeing a dramatic increase in activity. Is it a cause for concern? Not for the Caldari State, not at this time.”

Representatives for the Quafe Company were unavailable for comment.