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Sahtogas System Taken By Tribal Liberation Force

2010-02-03 - 작성자 Svarthol

Sahtogas, The Bleak Lands - The Amarr system of Sahtogas fell to Minmatar occupancy yesterday at 14:55.

Sahtogas controls the only access point to the Amarr system of Haras, occupancy of which is currently fiercely contested between the Minmatar Tribal Liberation Force and the Amarr 24th Imperial Crusade.

The solar system is reported to house considerable mineral wealth, with surveys suggesting the presence of Promethium and several other valuable metals in the local moons.

While 24th Imperial Crusade forces had resisted Minmatar invasion of the system by protecting defensive installations throughout Tandoiras constellation, the final siege of the 24th Imperial Crusade bunker in the system slipped by with no active resistance and its fall passed unannounced on capsuleer GalNet channels.

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