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SAK: We Pray For Burreau, But Exploration Must Go On

2009-03-10 - 작성자 Svarthol

Todaki - According to School of Applied Knowledge representatives, the recent Federation Navy announcement indicates that the CreoDron expedition may have met a grim fate. However, the scientists claim that the exploratory initiatives should continue under strict international regulation.

"The constellation lockdown measures undertaken by the Federation Navy can only imply that somewhere, somehow, the expedition went horribly wrong," said Professor Aineta Bikko, head of the School's astrophysics department. "My colleagues and I pray for the safety of Professor Burreau. We do hope that despite the possible tragedy, the exploration can continue. In fact, it must do so."

Despite the turmoil on the media networks, other New Eden corporations currently exploring the wormhole space are not likely to back off. "We have invested too much at this point to just walk away," said a source at Chemal Tech. "Whatever the cost, the big bosses will keep the expeditions going - for better or for worse."

Aineta Bikko agrees. "The newly-discovered space is evidently dangerous. However, our nations have amassed an incredible scientific, industrial, and military wealth. We have the resources to push forward, and I, for one, hope that our brave capsuleer pilots will spearhead the effort."