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Sanmatar Shakor announces Thukker Tribe visit.

2008-10-31 - 작성자 Svarthol

Pator - Sanmatar Shakor and the Republic Tribal Chiefs will host a meeting with Ennar Aeboul, Chief of the Thukker Tribe, it was announced at a press conference today.

Shakor was short on details, stating that the goal was to "promote goodwill between the tribes of the Republic and our Thukker brethren after a long period of misunderstanding between our people," and that he hoped Chief Aeboul's visit would be productive for both factions.

When asked about the Thukker Chief's arrival date on Matar, Shakor surprised the assembled press by saying that he had arrived this morning, adding "I hope the nation will join me in showing Chief Aeboul our warmest welcome. It has been far too long."

This move comes after a general upswing in relations between the Thukkers and the Republic, following their near non-existence before the Minmatar invasion of Amarr.