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Senate Defense Committee Handed Petition for Militia Review

2009-07-06 - 작성자 Svarthol

Villore – The Gallente Federation Senate’s Defense Committee has been presented with a petition, signed by a large number of senators, calling for an urgent review of the Federal Defense Union's management. The committee, part of the Senate’s larger military oversight structure, is charged with monitoring the competence and positioning of military assets dedicated to the defense of Gallente Federation territories.

The signed petition received by them this morning was forwarded from the office of Senator Chermoul, and contained the signatures of many other senators and regional governors notably connected to the now- Caldari- occupied areas of Federation space. The petition calls for a full investigation into the competency of the FDU's commanders as well as the deployment of their assets and budget.

Senator Chermoul, a former Colonel in the Federation Navy marine detachment, also held a position on the Senate Defense Committee. Chermoul stepped down from this position almost three years ago to pursue other political projects and is reportedly seen by his peers as actively pro-Navy.

The committee has responded to the senator’s petition by simply stating, with thanks, that they will ‘consider the requests outlined in the petition.’ Senator Chermoul took the time to comment to the press following the committee's official receipt of the petition. “I should not need to stress how dire the situation along the contested zones has become.” he emphasized. “This is something I am confident that the vast majority of senators as well as Federation Navy commanders are fully aware of, and I trust the Defense Committee will take this seriously and give it their highest priority.”