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SOMER Blink Giveaway Celebration

2012-04-17 - 작성자 Svarthol

​SOMER Blink, the EVE instant lottery corporation, has reached a record 150 Trillion ISK in distributed prizes, and is holding a monster giveaway celebration to mark the milestone.

Prizes include an Erebus Titan or 100 Billion ISK, a Heretic BPO, a Titan BPO of the winner's choice, a supercarrier BPO of the winner's choice and more.

In addition, they have also given away over 600 Billion ISK worth of prizes via free Promo blinks, with several days still left on the celebration.

The SOMER blink site, which strives to provide the 'everything on the line' instant win/loss of a casino, was the brainchild of Somerset Mahm, and has grown into the largest lottery organization in New Eden, currently averaging more than a trillion ISK in winnings a day.

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