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Soullier bid for Strata fails

2006-04-14 - 작성자 Svarthol

Earlier this week the board of Strata Corp, a small Caldari corporation, announced the rejection of a takeover bid from rival Gallente corporation Soullier Laboratories, followed immediately by the announcement of a successful buyout by an undisclosed third party.

The events unfolded in the New Caldari system, where Soullier Laboratories had called a press conference in order to announce the successful takeover of their smaller rival. The mood changed dramatically however, when the victory speech by Soullier CEO Will Blaze was interrupted by the appearance of Strata CEO David Simmons and CFO Jenny Civ. Cutting off a shocked Blaze, Simmons announced to the public that the Strata Corp board of directors had unanimously rejected the Soullier bid for a controlling interest in the corporation, rumored to be in excess of 1 billion isk. Simmons then continued to inform the observing public that Strata had accepted a buyout from an undisclosed bidder, for a price nearing 1.8 billion isk, along with a pledge from the new owner to ensure that Strata remains a Caldari owned company, and that David Simmons would remain as the CEO. Legal action is now expected from Soullier Laboratories as CEO Will Blaze, furious with not only the failed bid but also the manner in which it occurred, attempts to regain the resources and reputation lost in the manouevreing.

In related news, shortly after the announcements Strata Corp shares began to rise in price markedly, finishing on a respectable new total at the close of trading. Industry insiders have estimated that Strata stock prices could as much as triple over the course of the next 2 weeks, with many investors expected to cash out at the record high prices. Soullier Laboratories shares have suffered a minor slump in value, but are expected to regain their previous position after the soon to be released earnings statement is given to investors and regulators, a statement which many are predicting will indicate a rise of 12% on the previous years earnings - enough to keep the shareholders at bay, but certainly nowhere near the meteoric profits expected from the failed takeover.