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Stavros Acknowledges Bid for Amarr Throne

2003-09-25 - 작성자 Svarthol

YULAI – To the delight of some and outright shock of many, the infamous Amarr pirate Stavros confirmed his bid for the Amarr throne today during an exclusive interview with Interstellar Reporters. While admittedly surprised and touched by the growing movement endorsing his bid for power, he also stated that “Amarr is in a time of great need” and as such pledged to “do all [he] can to help”. While he considers his policies more moderate than the militant Jamyl Sarum, he considers Doriam Kor-Azor a “dreaming pacifist” and that he would support Sarum if his own bid for the throne was denied.

The full interview is printed below:

Thank you for taking the time to see me, Stavros.
A: It is no problem. I realize the importance of the media in the race to save Amarr.

Sincerest condolences on the passing of His Majesty the Emperor. Can you describe your relationship with him?
A: I think I can summarize the situation by saying there isn’t a day that goes by when every true Amarr doesn’t grieve a little for the passing of the Emperor. However, whilst I admire him as a great man and a man of peace, I feel that he was too far ahead of the times, too much of a dreamer.

How so?
A: Whilst we all desire peace, in this harsh universe sometimes the only way to achieve it is through war.

The Minmatar feel the exact same way. How do you feel about the Emperor's efforts to bridge the gap between the two states?
A: How can the great Amarr Empire strive for peace when it is surrounded by underhanded and nefarious people that are desperate to undermine it? The Minmatar are a cowardly race, we offered them servitude and a place in the galaxy and in return they resent us. They are a twisted people. I feel that his efforts were, at best, premature.

'Premature', as in too soon for general acceptance or rejection of the enslavement of the Minmatar people?
A: The Minmatar resent us for our superior standing among the empires and republics of the galaxy. They resent our achievements, both culturally and technologically. I fail to see how peace can prevail when every single Minmatar wishes every single Amarr dead.

Do you believe anything can be done to bridge the gap between the two states?
A: The Minmatar need to learn to accept us and they need to learn their place in the galaxy. That is all that can really be said on the matter.

Are you currently aware of the movement to nominate you as a potential Successor to the Throne?
A: Yes, this came as a pleasant surprise to me. Whilst I have always been active in the politics of our fine galaxy, I had never considered myself for the position. However I feel that Amarr is in a time of great need, and as such I would like to do all I can to help.

Do you consider yourself a spokesman for the Amarr people?
A: Yes, unlike the majority of candidates, I am a man of the people. I worked my way up from a lowly Impairor pilot to where I am today. I understand the common Amarr man and I feel that it is these people who are supporting me in this campaign.

Which other possible Successor do you consider yourself more in-line with politically: Doriam Kor-Azor or Jamyl Sarum?
A: I feel closer in terms of policy to Jamyl Sarum, although his policies are maybe a little harsh. However, he has the right ideas, unlike the Kor-Azor candidate who seems to be a dreamer rather than a realist. These are harsh times and harsh measures may be needed--although in moderation. I fear that Sarum may ignite a fire that will consume all of Amarr.

If your quest to ascend to the throne is for some reason deemed impractical, which candidate would you lend your support to, if asked?
A: I am under no illusions here, Draaven. I cannot match the other candidates in terms of influence. If anything, I want my campaign to serve as a warning to the future Emperor, whomever he may be, that all is not well and changes HAVE to be made. Currently I would have to favor Sarum, even if I do deem him a little overzealous. Putting Amarr into the hands of a dreaming pacifist is something I could never forgive.

Do you wish to be quoted on that, Stavros?
A: Yes, you may quote me on that. Although I am by no means unconfident about the success of my campaign, the level of support I have received in the past few days since going public with my ambitions has been staggering. If it keeps up, who knows what will happen.

Have you considered how the Caladari State or the Gallente Federation will view the ascension of either yourself or Sarum to the Throne?
A: I think that both of the races you mention will view whoever ascends to the throne with respect and admiration--as is due to any leader of the Amarr Empire.

And what of Concord?
A: Concord, I fear, is overextending its influence. They are a police force, not a political entity. They are meant to serve the empires and republics, not dictate who governs them.

Do you have m0o's support for this political move on your part?
A: m0o is gone. We were a group of individuals who did what was needed to survive. We weren’t always proud of what we did, but due to our skill at combat and politics we survived and prospered. I learned much during my days with m0o about management and about the cultures of the various races that inhabit this galaxy, and I feel that this has given me an excellent base for my campaign.

Aren't you concerned that your affiliation with a corporation largely perceived as a marauding band of criminals will hurt your chances for the Succession?
A: I never wanted to compete for the Throne, it was my fellow Amarrians that convinced me to pursue it. If such a large group of my brothers and sisters wish me to run, then who am I to argue?

Do you foresee any change of policy in the way remaining m0o members decide to conduct their business affairs?
A: Whilst m0o’s actions weren’t always on the straight and narrow, we always won against incredible odds. This is the kind of spirit that Amarr needs right now, before it is too late. Sadly, there are no remaining m0o members, as they have retired and given up spaceship command in favor of a more relaxed lifestyle. I am the last of them.

Thank you for taking a few moments with me, Stavros.
A: Cheers for the interview.