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The Guardian's Gala

2017-02-07 - 작성자 Team Genesis


Greetings spacefriends,

As New Eden churns with fresh conflict and activity, it is time to welcome you all to the Guardian's Gala.

The Guardian's Gala is an annual celebration for the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis pirate factions where everyone from foot soldiers up to the big bosses get together to rejoice in past successes and discuss future business ventures.  

The Gallente Federation stands in opposition to this celebration, as each year they have noted an increase in narcotics smuggling and the lives of their citizens under increased threat. This year, as the event has increased dramatically in size to a universe-wide scale, they have decided to involve CONCORD. CONCORD is now asking you, the powerful capsuleers, to aid in putting a stop to these Gala events by locating and disrupting them with the deadly ships at your disposal.

It is rumored that the Angel Cartel ships defending these Gala sites will drop a unique SKIN for Gallente hulls and performance-enhancing narcotics if destroyed.  They have manufactured this new ‘Spirit’ SKIN for the purpose of trying to smuggle narcotics without detection. These rewards are of course yours to keep for aiding CONCORD on this widespread endeavor.

To aid you on your search, CONCORD has tagged the Angel Cartel and the Serpentis meeting sites as "Guardian's Gala Rendezvous Point".

You will be able to locate these sites in all of New Eden, from High Security space down into the deepest wormholes, so keep an eye out for them on your Overview.

This event will run for two weeks, starting on Tuesday the 14th until the 28th of February.

So good luck, fly safe and see on February 14th.

  • Team Genesis