The Jove Arc - and the following misunderstanding | EVE Online

The Jove Arc - and the following misunderstanding

2004-05-06 - 작성자 CCP Oveur

Since there seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about recent events, I'll give a couple of OOC explanations. Baniya was never intended to show up in person, he got dispersed all over the universe. If you didn't get your part of Baniya, you should check your other characters, we gave 1 character pr. account.

This was not supposed to be an in-system event but the starting of a Jove story Arc by distributing to everyone their part of Baniya. The big mistake done was actually mentioning a system name and time for his first visit, so in response to that we had the Jove Veniel show up - since of course Baniya is now all over your hangar floors :)

The pieces you have are by far not worthless and further appearances of Jove and linked events within this story arc will take place over the next weeks. This is just the beginning. My apologies if this didn't go as you had foreseen - but if we would have told everything in advance, there wouldn't be very much point in having events, if you all knew the outcome, would it? :)

We will however not publish system names or times again in this manner, too many got disappointed by it and that is certainly not our intention. Please accept my apologies for this misunderstanding, it won't happen again.