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Theology Council declines to hear Transcranial Microcontroller debate

2009-07-22 - 작성자 Svarthol

Avair - The Theology Council has decided against hearing and ruling on the transcranial microcontroller controversy. The Council released a short statement explaining the ruling.

"The issue of slave control is one left up to a Holder and his slave drivers. It is not the position of the Theology Council to step in and mandate what methods are and are not acceptable. A broad, sweeping declaration on the issue would ignore the many unique issues involved in owning and caring for slaves. There are times when the devices may be appropriate, and times when they are not.

"Any ruling the Council made, even if made moderately, would invariably seem to be an endorsement of one viewpoint. For that reason, we leave the matter to the Holders to decide for themselves."

While it is not unusual for the Theology Council to decline hearing matters it considers unworthy of review, many experts belive the decision came because of splits inside the Council that threatened to undermine any ruling. "There were nearly as many justices against as there were for," stated someone familiar with the situation who wished to remain anonymous. "Should the Council have heard the issue, it would have erupted into something much, much larger."