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Thoughts on....

2005-06-09 - 작성자 Svarthol

Shocked by the mornings events on Mabnen I, the Amarr leadership has remained tight lipped throughout the day. No offical statement has been released, but several high placed sources suggest that the council is in a state of paranoia or even fear over the rebellion uprising. As the reports come in from the front line itself, onlookers describe a disaster on a unprecedented scale. Cardo Hirasi, a decorated officer of the Gallente-Caldari War, stated that it went beyond anything he had witnessed before. Entire legions are known to be missing in action, presumed killed, their bodies mutilated and displayed for all to see. Despite the lack of offical response, Amarr Navy assets have been flooding toward the Mabnen system, and most notably, vessels designated for orbital bombardment and surface to orbit transports. It would appear that the Amarr High Command would deem the uprising sufficent threat as to consider withdrawing its troops and eradicating the former slaves from the safety of space.