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Three All - Tama

2008-06-12 - 작성자 Svarthol

On the evening of the 12th, a fleet belonging to members of the State Protectorate (STPRO) engaged a fleet from the Federation Defense Union (FEDEF) in the Tama system inflicting many casualities.

Once the battle was engaged it would appear that the FEDEF fleet called for assistance from Red Alliance (RA). RA sent in five carrier class vessels to try to destroy the STPRO fleet, unfortunately for them the Caldari pilots were more than up to the challenge.

Of the five carriers that entered the battle only two managed to leave, the STPRO fleet only lost a Raven and two cruiser class vessels during the engagement.

Protectorate Ensign Boromor, who was the Fleet Commander for this action was extremely pleased with the way his fleet, most of whom have never flown together before, reacted and worked together so well.