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Triumvirate alliance reforms for a third time

2009-02-22 - 작성자 Svarthol

Venal - The well known alliance known as Triumvirate (TRI) has announced that it will reform for a third time.

Sith Bandon, the head of the newest instance of TRI, outlined the reasons for the resurection of the alliance, saying that after taking a break for seven months his corporation, Viper Squad "went to pieces". Following this, "I came back 2 months ago ... restarted the corporation ... got it to were it is [now]". Importantly, Sith kept in contact with Coracao Ardente and "called them back north" at the time but they stayed, "doing their own thing in Curse for a bit, then Empire space."

"Finally they decided to come north [and] moved into Pure Blind. We started TRI with Coracao Ardente and Viper Squad ... basically the corps that were in the original TRI."

The first two incarnations of Triumvirate, which means "rule of three" - referring to the original three corporations that formed the alliance, were made famous for their ongoing conflict with a group of northern alliances known as the Northern Coalition (NC). The alliance owned a swathe of northern territory that included the regions of Deklein, Fade, and Pure Blind, and also attempted to make an incursion into Providence in the south, although this was met with failure against the native Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA).

The alliance also gained coverage via the holovision series EveTV, a show designed especially for the capsuleer class, when their diplomat XxAngelxX appeared on the show several times, raising the profile of the alliance. XxAngelxX announced, however, that she would not be joining the alliance for a third time, stating: "No, I'm not joining that waste of space alliance. The original TRI was good while it lasted but too many bad leadership decisions means I am by no means sad to see the back of it. If they are indeed doing a 3rd incarnation, then good luck to them."

The Northern Coalition itself also gave its opinions on the reformation of its former enemy. Vuk Lau, head of Morsus Mihi (MM), speculated thus: "TRI Mk2 was only a shadow of Mk1, and my feeling is that TRI Mk3 will be only a shadow of Mk2," adding, "I am sure they will give good fights now and [then], but I highly doubt they will ever reach the glory of [the first] Triumvirate."

Frederik, Leader of the Tau Ceti Federation (TCF), another Northern Coalition alliance, offered his views on the reformation: "TRI offered to TCF some nice and interesting fights. [But I am not really sure that the third] version is [going to] influence a lot in the actual conflict. They have to prove their status." Alliance member Baline Aegis also asserted his own opinion: "Triumvirate is like the plague: They grow [and] grow, make significant things, then disband. I bet it will happen again."

In concluding, Sith Bandon had much confidence for the future of his alliance: "We have a lot of targets, and I mean A LOT all around us. That's what [keeps] a good [combat alliance] together. No matter what [happens] to the new TRI, [we] had a lot of good fights and will have some [to come]."

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