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Vote for the ENnie Awards!

2009-07-31 - 작성자 Svarthol

White Wolf has been nominated for a number of ENnie Awards this year and voting is open until this Saturday, August 1, 2009. Game companies from around the world send in their products, and a panel of judges chooses their top few in each category. But, after the nominations are determined, the general public casts the deciding votes. You can be part of the process by going to this URL:


Our Nominees are in the following Categories:

*Cover Art - Scion: Ragnarok
*Best Writing - Hunter Horror Recognition Guide
*Best Rules - Hunter: The Vigil
*Best Adventure - The Rose Bride's Plight
*Best Monster/Adversary - Night Horrors: Grim Fears
*Best Supplement - Hunter: The Vigil & Scion: Ragnarok
*Best Aid or Accessory - Hunter Horror Recognition Guide
*Best Regalia - Art of Exalted & Hunter: Deadly Prey
*Best Electronic Book - Collection of Horrors: Razor Kids
*Best Free Product - Hunter: The Vigil Quickstart
*Product of the Year - Hunter: The Vigil & Scion Ragnarok

While we would love your support and hope you would vote for us, the important thing is to vote! Please pass the word on to your friends and give them the URL as well.