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We Stand Together

2022-03-08 - 작성자 CCP Hellmar

CCP Games stands in support of the people of Ukraine and joins the international call to end the violence and restore peace in the region. We are devastated by the terrible situation unfolding and our collective thoughts are with all those affected by these distressing events.

Like our community, CCP employees come from many countries, including both Ukraine and Russia. We are joined with them in our shared grief and dismay at the war that is taking place.

As a measure of practical support, CCP will be launching a new PLEX For Good program to contribute toward humanitarian relief efforts by raising money for those suffering in the war. CCP will match donations from the EVE community and our employees up to a total of $250,000. The campaign will be going live later this week and players can make a contribution by contracting their spare PLEX to the in-game character CCP PLEX for Good.

In this time of strife, our hearts go out both to our Ukrainian community and our Russian community, who like everyone else are ordinary people that want no part in war. Over the past week, we have been heartened to see the reaction from the EVE community to the war in Ukraine. Alliance leaders across EVE Online posted announcements in support of players from both Ukraine and Russia and called on their members to leave real-world differences outside the game. Moreover, we’ve seen some movements formed to agree to not interfere or even defend in-game assets of Ukrainian-run corporations while they are unable to do it themselves.

In these times, it is important to remember our commonalities and shared purpose – not just as gamers, but as people. Please capsuleers, when you’re in New Eden remember to treat your fellow pilots with the same care and humanity no matter where they’re from.

Everyone at CCP sincerely hopes that we see an end to this invasion very soon. In the meantime, we know that the best way to get through this is by supporting one another.