Lunar New Year | 19-31 January | EVE Online
12월 15일~1월 3일

겨울 넥서스

EVE에 휘몰아치는 축제!

Event Details

Celebrate the Year of the Rabbit with new events and special rewards.

  • Daily log-in rewards, including new Serenity SKINs
  • Seek your fortunes in a brand new orbital stash hunt
  • Special SKINs available from the New Eden Store
  • Special Packs available from the EVE Store

How to participate

Log in and undock between 19-31 January!

  • Uncover riches among the red stars in the orbital stash hunt
  • Join the Lunar New Year live stream on 20 January at 15:00 UTC, for a chance to win cool new Rabbit SKINs
  • Stay tuned on social media for hints on where to hunt for treasures for a chance to win cool new Red Stargazer SKINs
  • Log in for at least seven days over the event to collect all the free gifts!


In addition to the excitement and fortunes to be had in the orbital stash hunt, here are some of the gifts you’ll get simply by logging in.

드라미엘 '오로라 유니버셜리스' SKIN

겨울 넥서스 전문가 시스템

요이얼의 승천 폭죽 상자

에버마크 바구니

아스테로 '오로라 유니버셜리스' SKIN

스킬 포인트 40.000

겨울 루미나에 패키지

PLEX, 스킬 포인트, 다중 캐릭터 훈련 등 필수 아이템으로 캐릭터를 성장시키세요!