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Dual core CPU support

2006-02-13 - By Svarthol

CCP Games is keeping up with the advances in computer technology and we are taking advantage of PCs running dual core CPUs. Players with AMD dual core processors need to update their CPU drivers in order to receive the full benefit of client-side load balancing. CPU drivers can be found in the appropriate 'Downloads and Support' section at the AMD home page.

This patch, in conjunction with recent and forthcoming client side optimization changes, should improve EVE's CPU load balancing, thus eliminating the jerky gameplay some dual core owners have been experiencing.

It appears that some of the information that was given to me was incorrect. Intel has yet to release a driver update for their Dualcore series. However, AMD has done so. The AMD patch does not dispense with the video issues on its own, but will do so in conjunction with the Bloodlines patch.

In the interim, players running dual core processors and experiencing jerky game play can do the following:

  • Start an Eve client
  • Open Task Manager
  • Find and right click on the open instance of Eve under the Process tab
  • Select 'Set Affinity', then unselect one of the two check boxes

Following these steps will stop the Eve client from load balancing across the two cores and should result in much smoother video.