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Eckarine Mitumi-Hnolku resistance is broken.

2005-11-16 - By Svarthol

A source within the Bloodraiders, who wishes to remain anonymous, has sought contact with me over the last month. The news he brings is distressing. It was well known that the wife of murdered scientist Dr. Ullia Hnolku has been with the Bloodraiders for several months. There had been news already that she has been subjected to ‘blooding’ a ritual within the sect.

A fortunate side effect of inhumane treatment is that it effectively breaks down once personality. This too has happened with Ms. Hnolku, her spirit is broken. My source tells me that she fought bravely against the interrogations and the relentless mental torment the Bloodraiders put her through. Yet, the combination of sleep deprivation, blooding, a low intake of food and the devastating news of her husbands’ death has broken her spirit and her resistance.

She is nothing more then a bloodless, white, crawling puppet looking for a master to keep her upright. We will give her a new life and a new meaning. With her spirit and personality broken she is an empty and hollow being. We will give her a new personality and make her whole again - a second chance in life, a better life, because she will have a real purpose. We share her blood now, we are her new family. She won’t be of the same ranks, but we will accept her for what she can offer us. She has shown great potential already in embracing our ways and beliefs

It is not unknown that captives can start to develop a sympathetic feeling towards their captors. It only takes a few days for this effect to settle in when there is a life threatening situation, without any hope of escape and random acts of kindness offered to the victims. Not only in hostage situation has this emotional bonding been perceived, we have seen it before with slaves, prisoners of wars, cults and other victims of abuse. Yet, what my source tells me what is happening with Ms. Hnolku takes it a few steps further. They are trying to erase her old personality and give her a new one, one that is sympathetic to their cause. It was unclear how far exactly the Bloodraiders are in this process and what their ultimate goal is, we highly doubt it is for Ms. Hnolku to lead a free and unbothered life in their midst.

At this time we can only dread to think what Ms.Hnolku has to offer to the Bloodraiders sect and what their ultimate goal is. It may give them a huge advantage over the alliance Ushra’Khan. For the people who have forgotten about the Cure, another name given for Insorum, it has been discovered by accident during research against symptoms of allergy and its possible that Insorum will reverse all the symptoms of Vitoc withdrawal. It can thus be seen as the ultimate weapon against the Amarr, it can be considered a symbol of freedom and it can be taken as the cause of the approaching downfall of your civilisation. One thing is certain, it will affect everyone.