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Kali Testing Pt2: The Bugs Strike Back.

2006-11-06 - By Mephysto

When last we left our intrepid adventurers, they were hip deep in Testing Tasks and getting deeper by the hour. After a huge amount of effort, we have beaten back the invading Testing Task hordes to a more manageable level. Their numbers dwindling daily from the heroic efforts of the team....

Then public testing began on Singularity.

Once more the mighty adventurers find themselves hip deep in something. To quote:
"What’s that noise, Sergeant?"
"Bug reports sir. Thousands of 'em!"
"Excellent, have them form an orderly queue then get the BH Extermination squad on the horn to deal with them forthwith."

Ok, on a more serious note Kali is in public testing. After some initial issues with server instability, things are improving nicely and we have a lot more testing hardware on Singularity now. While we still have issues with the number of max users we can allow on the server simultaneously, we can now properly investigate the causes with the extra tools and load we have on Singularity.

There are many new optimizations and code upgrades in Kali that haven’t been mentioned elsewhere. One of the bigger small changes (if that makes sense) is a slight change to the way the overview updates. Ideally this should reduce/eliminate the slight freezing you tend to get every time the distance updates when the overview is crowded. This should be on Singularity now, and all bug reports are welcome (honest!).

Its interesting to note that QA is currently averaging approximately 60 hours of work per week in order to test everything. It takes a surprisingly long time to check over 700 dead-space dungeons. Then there's the 8 new regions including the Rogue Drone NPC's, ensuring moon materials are seeded correctly, the new system's security status are correct, the asteroid distribution is correct, the... oh, you get the idea. Much to do.

Anyway, no amusing pics of me this time round. I've done enough damage to my reputation already, although I suspect further damage may be done this weekend at the Fanfest