Capsuleer Day XIX | EVE Online
3-24 May

Capsuleer Day XIX

New event, rewards & more!

Event Details

While CONCORD enforces order, a shadowy network has begun to spread its influence across New Eden. You’ll need to infiltrate the smuggler’s sites, but expect twists and turns as the tale unfolds.

  • Stop the smugglers in a new story event
  • Conquer new combat & hacking sites
  • Log in for daily rewards
  • Enjoy two new Proving Grounds


To take part in the celebrations, simply play EVE between 3-24 May! New events will unlock as the party continues, and you’ll receive daily rewards just for logging in.

  • Event runs from 3-24 May
  • Log in for 15 of the 20 days to grab all rewards
  • Use scanner probes to discover the Smuggler sites, and confiscate their loot with your Data Analyzer modules.

Reap the rewards

In addition to the lucrative rewards of completing sites, here’s just a sample of the gifts you’ll get by logging in!

XIX Gnosis Skin

Apotheosis Hull

Praxis Hull

Skybreaker XIX Skin

Skill Points – 100,000

Skill Points – 450,000

XIX Battlecruiser Pack

Strike swiftly and decisively with 100,000 Skill Points, special apparel, and four Battlecruiser SKINs!

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Capsuleer Day XIX

Log in and celebrate 19 years of EVE!