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Rewards of Democracy - Vote in CSM15!

Voting is now open for the 15th Council of Stellar Management (CSM15), so exercise your democratic right and cast your vote for the candidates you feel best represent your interests in New Eden! Make sure to check out the details on all of the candidates and cast your vote before 12:00 UTC on 8 June.

To celebrate the voting period, alongside voting for your chosen candidates in CSM15, you can also claim free gifts as part of the Rewards of Democracy daily login event running from 1 June to 8 June! Rewards include Skill Points, Boosters, Needlejack Filaments, and CSM-themed special edition shuttles.

Both Alpha and Omega Clone State Capsuleers can claim free gifts daily, with Omegas getting bigger and better rewards as well as being able to claim the Alpha rewards, too!

Upgrade to Omega

10% Off PLEX and 0% HyperNet Fee

Opportunistic Capsuleers,

There is currently a limited time 10% discount on PLEX purchases of 500 PLEX and higher! You'll need to act fast, though, as the offer is only available until 11:00 UTC on 2 June.

Remember, you can trade your PLEX for in-game ISK to spend on ships and skills, or spend your PLEX at EVE Online's New Eden Store on Omega Clone State time to unlock access to all of EVE's ships and skills, as well as double training speed. Your PLEX can also buy you Skill Extractors, HyperCores, stunning ship SKINs, character apparel and more at the New Eden Store!

The HyperNet Relay fee reduction is also now live! The fee has temporarily been reduced from 5% to 0%, but only until 11:00 UTC on 4 June! It’ll be cheaper to put your items up for sale on the HyperNet Relay during this time, so don’t miss the opportunity to save some ISK.


Invasion Chapter 3 Now Live

The start of the third and final installment in the year-long Triglavian Invasion expansion, is now live! As seismic events occur and continue to unfold over the coming weeks and months, Capsuleers will have important decisions to make as they choose between defending the Empires of New Eden or siding with the mysterious Triglavian Collective. These choices will have a direct impact on how the story develops, and will have lasting consequences in New Eden, ensuring that life in the cluster will never be the same again!

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Forsaken Fortress – Coming 26 May

Coming 26 May, further improvements to the gameplay mechanics of structures will be introduced in the Forsaken Fortress update as part of the Eclipse Quadrant.

Since the introduction of structures with the Citadel expansion, thousands of structures have been built in New Eden. Many of these structures have been used for a variety of purposes by players, with some structures acting as Headquarters, key strategical beachheads, or even as logistical warehouses. For some of these structure deployments, their use may have dwindled over time to the point where they are no longer maintained by their owners. As a result, these forsaken fortresses proliferate in space as ambitions, conflict, and entrepreneurs rise and fall in New Eden. Cleaning up your sovereign space by removing these abandoned structures can be a frustrating experience, a topic that has been brought up by the community and CSM alike.

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Skillers in the Abyss - Event Ended

You loved the Skilling Spree, you loved the Chilling Spree, and you loved Skilling is Just a Means of Communication. Now, as part of the Eclipse Quadrant, it's time to dive back into the depths of the Abyss and take on whatever comes your way with the new Skillers in the Abyss event!

Log in between 11:00 UTC on 28 April and 11:00 UTC on 11 May and accept increasingly deadly daily challenges where you will have to kill either Abyssal Drones, Drifters, Sleepers or Triglavians in Abyssal Deadspace for Skill Point rewards.

To get started on your challenges, head over to the in-game regional market and acquire an Abyssal Filament, then activate it anywhere in space and you'll find yourself in Abyssal Deadspace!

If challenges remain uncompleted, they will be reset at the next downtime. They also do not need to be completed in order.

Happy skilling!

Surgical Strike

The quest for a healthy Capital ecosystem continues with a massive update to Capital survivability, resistance modules, and more in the Surgical Strike update, coming this April!

As outlined in the recent Ecosystem Outlook blog, bold changes are being made across EVE in the search for diversity and new exciting options for pilots. Surgical Strike will bring Capital survivability more in line with the rest of New Eden, reduce the overwhelming power of logistics, make adjustments to some long-standing powerhouses in the Subcapital meta, and begin to establish more payoff for getting up close and personal with your enemies.

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Capsuleer Generosity Celebration - Event Ended

So far, EVE players have raised $578,070 for charity across all PLEX for GOOD campaigns since 2005! This is an incredible feat which all EVE Online players can be proud of. With the newest PLEX for GOOD campaign now activated to support the COVID-19 Solitary Response Fund, thanks must be given to our charitable Capsuleer community!

From 9 to 16 April, the Capsuleer Generosity Celebration will take place, and by logging in on four days during the event, you will receive free gifts! As an Alpha, you can claim special Frontier Safeguarder SKINs, and Omegas will get those and extra SKINs, plus Boosters.

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The Hunt - Event Ended

First up for the Eclipse Quadrant will be the return of The Hunt on 6 April, a time of year when Capsuleers will undertake their now-annual egg hunt! Players will hunt down and scan capsules in order to gain access to special event sites, and potentially valuable drops. This will be an event with smaller ship classes like Frigates and Destroyers as the focus, so pilots with less experience and fewer skills trained can get involved. During The Hunt, player pods will have a chance of dropping their implants as loot when destroyed, so get podding!

Eclipse Continues

The Eclipse Quadrant will continue with more to come, so check back here and on the EVE Online Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

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