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Frigate Escape Bay

Arriving in late March

The Frigate Escape Bay is a special bay capable of holding a single, fitted Frigate that will be added to all Battleships. Should the Battleship be destroyed, instead of being ejected in your capsule and left helpless, you will launch immediately back into combat aboard your Frigate!

The Frigate hulls that will be allowed to be stored in the bay are:

  • All T1 Frigates
  • Assault Frigates
  • Electronic Attack Frigates
  • Logistics Frigates

New Needlejack Jump Filaments

Available as early as Thursday, 27 February

There will be six variations of the new Needlejack Filaments, capable of moving up to 5, 15 or 25 players into a random Nullsec system upon activation. Some of the Needlejack Filaments will be available in a fully built state and will drop in exploration data sites, while others can be manufactured from BPCs. Some will even be distributed exclusively through upcoming events.

From Wormholes With Love

Game Improvements

Wormholes are receiving a loving update! The main thrust of this update that will arrive 11 February is added connectivity. The chance of connections appearing between wormholes is going to increase greatly. Look out especially for added roaming connections between high class wormholes!

We’ve also made changes to a certain Drifter NPC who loved the Astrahus a little too much.

Skilling Spree - On Now!

Limited Time Event - 28 January-2 March

Answer CONCORD's call to arms by fighting the Triglavians and various other foes. Gain as many Skill Points as you can during the Skilling Spree between 28 January and 2 March for destroying any NPC in New Eden! Get rewards ranging from 10,000 Skill Points for one kill, to the rarer 50,000 Skill Points for more kills per challenge. Then, use those Skill Points to train essential skills for piloting bigger, better ships with advanced weaponry.

Warhead Upgrades

Game Improvements

Lock onto your targets with the Warhead Upgrades update, which increases the damage dealt by Heavy Missiles in New Eden! The 5% increase to damage dealt by Heavy Missiles will encourage their use more often in future PvP encounters.

Shield Implants

The update also sees the introduction of the exciting new Nirvana Faction Implants, which can provide bonuses to shield HP, as well as characteristics such as Perception, Memory, Intelligence, Charisma, and Willpower, depending on the implant used. These implants will initially be available only through the Dragonaur Blitz event, where ships that are most affected by the Warhead Upgrades update will be eligible for entry.

Bonus Skill Point Weekend

Event Ended

Bonus Skill Point Weekend is returning between 24 and 27 January 2020, with massive Skill Point rewards for both Alpha and Omega Clone State pilots! Log in daily to claim thousands of Skill Points that you can use to boost your training, accelerating the realization of your goals in New Eden!

As long as you make sure to log in every day during Bonus Skill Point Weekend, as an Alpha you can get up to 75,000 Skill Points, and Omegas will get both their own and the Alpha rewards, meaning a whopping 250,000 Skill Points total! Perfect for training those Triglavian skills and piloting the fearsome new Zirnitra Dreadnought.

Upgrade to Omega

Dragonaur Blitz Dungeon

Event Ended

CONCORD urges you to join the Dragonaur Blitz as part of the Fight or Flight Quadrant! Attack these extremist Caldari outcasts in Low-sec sites in specified ship types, and earn the new High and Mid-Grade Nirvana Implant BPCs. This limited time event ends 27 January, so act fast and get involved!

As mentioned before, only certain ship types will be allowed entry to Dragonaur Blitz sites. These will include ships with bonuses to Heavy Missiles and recently rebalanced Caldari craft that were most affected by the Warhead Upgrades update.

Heat-Seeker Bundle

Sale ended

You can now get the Heat-Seeker SKIN Bundle in EVE Online's New Eden Store, featuring discounted SKINs for the ships most affected by Warhead Upgrades and suitable for Dragonaur Blitz! Kit out your Drake, Caracal, Cerberus and Tengu with SKINs from the bundle, or check out the other discounts on Zento Isideko Combine, Convergence and Snowline Bladeracer SKINs for these and other Caldari hulls. The offers end at 11:00 UTC on 28 January, so no time to hesitate!

Fight or Flight Continues

The Fight or Flight Quadrant will continue with more to come, so check back here and on the EVE Online Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

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