Amarr Foundation Day | EVE Online

2-9 August

Amarr Foundation Day

Rewards, Challenges, PVP & more

Event Details

  • Shower Foundation Day parades in fireworks
  • Earn daily login rewards
  • Support Amarr industries with Mining Blitzes
  • Dive into themed Abyssal Proving Grounds FFA action
  • Grab Amarr Prophet pack and get free SKINs with Omega in NES

Amarr Federation Day runs from 2-to-9 August only, with the Abyssal Proving Grounds FFA available 5-to-8 August. Be sure not to miss out!


Visit Amarr space between 2-9 August!

  • Join celebratory parades in at Ardishapur Prime, Kador Prime, Khanid Prime, Kor-Azor Prime, Sarum Prime, Tash-Murkon Prime
  • Login five of the seven days of the festivity to claim the most rewards
  • Tackle Mining Blitzes at the Kisana, Nashar, Maseend, Hevaka, and Eugidisites
  • Head to the Abyssal Proving Grounds from 5-8 August for an Amarr frigate free-for-all
  • And just have a blast traveling through the Amarr Empire!


A look inside what you can secure through daily Foundation Day logins

Amarr Foundation Day Expert System

Foundation Day Fireworks

Amarr Shuttle Sarum SKIN

Sigil Sarum SKIN

10,000 Skill Points

25,000 Skill Points

Amarr Prophet Pack

Observe the holy traditions of Foundation Day with divine ceremonial Amarr robes, stylish SKINs that nod to the history of New Eden’s largest empire, Omega, PLEX, and Skill Points

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See you at the celebrations!