Guardian's Gala - Crash the Party: 10-22 February | EVE Online

Guardian's Gala

Crash the Party: 10-22 February

Event Details

The Guardian’s Gala is an annual tradition where the Angel Cartel and Serpentis pirate factions celebrate their ongoing partnership in crime. Unfortunately for them, it’s tradition for Capsuleers to join in and crash the party! This year there’s even more at stake with ORE scientists held hostage and compression tech Data Fragments to uncover.

  • Warp in and crash the pirates’ party
  • Hack into their systems and steal away with ORE Data Fragments
  • Uncover unique rewards, popular returning SKINs, and more!


To get involved you only need to undock and explore New Eden between 10 and 22 Feb! Combat sites are displayed as Guardian’s Gala anomalies in your probe launcher window and hacking sites –Gala Coordination Centers – are cosmic signatures which must be scanned with probes.

  • Fit an exploration frigate to look for hacking sites or jump into a cruiser (or bigger) to take on combat sites.
  • Explore and warp to ‘Guardians Gala’ anomalies or scan ‘Gala Coordination Center’ signatures across New Eden.
  • Do battle with waves of foes and defeat the ‘Guardian’s Gala Emcee’ battleship, or hack your way through the site.
  • Escape with your valuable loot.
  • Fleet up and take on a harder challenge with VIP combat and hacking sites in wormhole space only!

Reap the rewards

During the Guardian’s Gala you can get your hands on plenty of unique and valuable loot! Turn in Data Fragments the ORE for rewards and rescue those few kidnapped ORE scientists from wormhole space for a huge ISK bounty.

  • Daily gifts for both Alpha and Omega pilots
  • Limited SKINs returning in the NES: Eros Blossom and Heartsurge
  • Unique combat boosters for this event only!
  • Help bring new ORE compression tech to market by handing in Data Fragments
  • Limited time bundles in the EVE Store!

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