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Exploration & survival gameplay

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New Expansion

Get even more for free in EVE with the new Into the Abyss expansion. New solo PvE brings survival and exploration gameplay, taking you into the shrouded depths of Abyssal Deadspace, where you'll face ancient threats...alone!

Abyssal Deadspace

New space brings fresh adventure and ancient dangers to all EVE Online players. You can enter Abyssal Deadspace from anywhere in New Eden and access is immediate. Explore this brand new solo PvE feature in EVE and go deeper for the possibility of greater rewards, but try to survive and make it out with any treasure you find!

Mutaplasmid Colonies

You have the opportunity to find and bring back Mutaplasmid colonies from your encounters in Abyssal Deadspace. These Mutaplasmids can be applied to your equipment, potentially enhancing weapon and module performance significantly. They could also reduce the capabilities of your equipment, so choose what you apply them to wisely!

New Triglavian Ships and Weapon

Into the Abyss brings you the possibility of obtaining blueprints to build three new Triglavian-design ships; a Frigate, Cruiser and Battleship. These ships can be fitted with the powerful and unique Triglavian Entropic Disintegrator weapon which you will encounter in Abyssal Deadspace.

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Download the EVE client for Windows or Mac