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New Co-op and PvP Gameplay

New Abyssal Deadspace PvP

Battle for Triglavian Rewards

Engage in one-on-one combat while in Abyssal Deadspace for the chance to unlock a cache of Triglavian rewards! The competition will be fierce, so make sure you've fitted your ship accordingly!

Even More Triglavian Ships

New Destroyer and Battlecruiser

Two brand new Triglavian ships have been added to New Eden with the EVE Online: Onslaught expansion. The Kikimora (Destroyer) and Drekavac (Battlecruiser) now increase the ranks of fearsome Triglavian vessels that you can build and pilot, adding further firepower and prestige to your fleet.

New Player-made Structures

Jump Gate, Cyno Jammer and Cyno Beacon

The Onslaught expansion also introduces three new Upwell navigation structures with gorgeous effects that you can build and use, intended to replace some of the functionality of outgoing starbase tech. These are the Ansiblex Jump Gate, the Pharolux Cyno Beacon and the Tenebrux Cyno Jammer.

New Activity Tracker

Get even more out of EVE

Enjoy seeing your achievements and progression in EVE displayed in context with the new Activity Tracker. As well as taking pride in your development, the Activity Tracker will also highlight other avenues of progression and gameplay that you can pursue in New Eden.

Fit for The Abyss

Ship fittings for co-op Abyssal Deadspace

Make the most of the new Abyssal Deadspace co-op PvE feature from the latest Onslaught expansion and check out these recommended ships and fittings. Increase your odds of survival, speed up your access to the new gameplay and you might make off with some great rewards!

See Ships and Fittings

New Expansion Feature Tour

See What's New in Onslaught

Watch the EVE Online: Onslaught Feature Tour which includes a breathtaking look at Abyssal Deadspace co-op, new Triglavian ships, Upwell navigation structures and more!

EVE Online Streamers Join Forces & Face the Abyss

Watch as popular EVE streamers Manic Velocity, Rahne and Johnny Splunk risk everything to survive the Abyssal Deadspace co-op PVE feature.

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