Agents Agree on Interstellar Reporter, Coronach | EVE Online

Agents Agree on Interstellar Reporter, Coronach

2003-09-23 - 发布者 Svarthol

Delegates from the Inter-Galactic Agent-Rights group met recently with CONCORD officials to present their candidate for Interstellar Reporter. Agents throughout known space have long sought to more broadly express their concerns and the opportunities they provide to the adventurous pilots of EVE. Now, it seems, they will get that wish, for it is with pride that I, Coronach, their candidate, accept CONCORD appointment to the position of Interstellar Reporter. I look forward to serving CONCORD, the pilots, and the agents of EVE, as a reliable source of useful information. I hope to keep you abreast of new developments in science and technology, in the markets, and in the world of corporate and faction agents. I invite those with related data, rumours, or observations to contact me, as well as anyone who needs to be heard. Thank you, and take care, out there.