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Amarr Delegation warns the Republic

2008-05-22 - 发布者 Svarthol

Yulai - At today’s CONCORD Assembly meeting the Amarr Empire representative read out an official statement accusing the Republic of "clandestinely supporting the Defiants’ continued terrorist efforts in The Bleak Lands". The statement went on to say that "Evidence of these Militias emanating from within the Republic’s borders is growing daily and the so-called Republic sits there and does nothing. If their defense is one of impotence then this only serves to underline the fact that the Minmatar are incapable of effective self-governance and would benefit greatly from allowing a more experienced government to guide their actions once again. The Empire will stand for this naked illegal and expansionist aggression no longer and demands that the Republic puts its house in order, or permits others to do so for them."

The speech drew much hackling from the Federation and Republic delegations, with the Minmatar Republic speaker issuing a short reply. "While we respect the freedom of this assembly to voice their opinions – more than most, indeed, as we still remember what it is like to be without voice – we do not appreciate or recognize the validity of the accusations being leveled. Investigations are ongoing and this assembly can be assured that all available measures are being employed to bring these militias to justice. The Republic does not and will not tolerate such behavior from its citizens, from within its borders or from without."