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Amarr Holder executed for treason, Saracen appoints nephew as Provisional Holder

2008-03-21 - 发布者 Svarthol

Lamaa, The Bleak Lands – Yesterday afternoon a military tribunal sentenced the former holder Hejaaz Momia to death for the crimes of "high treason by aiding enemies of the Amarr Empire and conspiring to incite terrorism." The tribunal ruling on the case was led by Admiral Saracen and eight senior officers from the Amarrian 7th Fleet.

Momia was put on trial after evidence was revealed that implicated his House's direct involvement in aiding the Defiants in their recent conflicts. This evidence arose as a result of the Empire's ongoing investigation into how, prior to last week’s attacks in the Bleak Lands, Defiant forces had come to obtain highly accurate intelligence about 7th Fleet dispositions in the region. Momia is the first to be tried and convicted as a result of this inquiry, and speculation is rife as to whether anyone else of high standing might also be implicated.

When questioned the former holder confessed to having shared secret information with Defiant operatives, also providing them with safe haven, and helping them plot attacks that led to the deaths to over 32,000 Amarr Navy employees and 115,000 working assets. "This court has had difficulty imagining a more heretical, heinous, atrocious or vile history of offenses against God and His Chosen," Admiral Saracen said before announcing a verdict that, in addition to his death sentence, also stripped disgraced Holder Momia of all rank, title, and birth privileges given to his person and his House.

The trial extended to two of Hejaaz Momia’s closest advisors, who were also sentenced to death after confessing their involvement in their employer's treasonous activities. A total of seventeen others from Momia’s personal staff have additionally been detained for questioning regarding their possible involvement. It is believed all of them will confess to roles in their master's conspiracy during the upcoming week, which will no doubt result in them receiving similar sentences.

As a provision of Momia's punishment, the Former Holder’s wife and two sons have been sentenced to lifelong exile from the Amarr Empire on pain of death, being further disgraced with the loss of all titles, roles, birthrights, or inheritances.

Admiral Saracen has appointed his nephew Jalir Saracen as Provisional Holder of House Momia's assets (which include large tracts of land in the northern part of Sasen) until such time that a new, fully-fledged holder can be chosen and raised by the Imperial Chamber.

The public execution of Hejaaz Momia will take place at 12:00 EST outside Provisional Holder Saracen’s estate on Lamaa I.