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Band of Brothers Alliance Disbanded

2009-02-05 - 发布者 Svarthol

NOL-M9 - A few hours after midnight on 05.02.111, Band of Brothers alliance was disbanded. The loss of formal alliance status forcibly relinquished all Band of Brothers held sovereignty, and thus is expected to render all their outposts vulnerable, pause the construction of all motherships and titans currently being built in their capital assembly arrays and interfere with the proper fuctioning of cynojammers and jump bridge waystations at their control towers. This effect has never been seen before on such a huge scale, so there is much uncertainty about the precise effects.

There are currently multiple theories as to the actual cause of the disbanding of the alliance. A director in Band of Brother's executor corp, TinFoil, and director Haargoth Agamar of Black Nova Corp are alleged to have disbanded the alliance and handed over Black Nova Corp assets at the instigation of The Mittani of Goonswarm. Comments on the Corporation, Alliance and Organization Discussions section of GalNet, however, shed doubt on this claim.

Tin Foil pilot Agaue asserted on GalNet that the disbanding was not caused by a spy:

"I like how everyone is stating their opinions like it is fact... when in truth they have no idea what happened. I will state as a fact:

"1) it wasnt a bill/money issue.
"2) it wasnt spy related.

"Mittani isnt dumb enough to put his hand up and say he is responsible."

Elitus of Reikoku stated on GalNet that the issue was not an unpaid bill:

"I'll go and say this: previous bill was paid on the 6th of Janurary. Previous bill before that was paid on the 6th of December. Currently looks like HAT was compromised... Log shows 500 mil was removed from the wallet stating 'mittani says hi.' We are investigating."

A new corporation named "Band of Brothers" has been created, allegedly by GoonSwarm affiliates, in an apparent attempt to keep the alliance name and ticker out of the hands of former BoB members.

The Mittani further claims on GalNet that he has archived the Band of Brothers directorial forum and will be publishing it in full for the public eye.

The Interstellar Correspondents are looking into this story in-depth and will bring you updates and interviews in the coming hours as we attempt to learn the truth behind these events and their consequences.

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