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Battleship Brawl In The Proving Grounds

2022-01-08 - 发布者 EVE Online Team

Festive Capsuleers!

The first new Abyssal Proving Grounds of 2022 is coming to New Eden! The event will run for one day only on 8 January 2022.

The focus for this latest encounter is the crowd favorite 1v1 battleship showdown, set in the distinctly chilly atmosphere of the Winter Nexus Arena.

Against this frosty backdrop, there’ll also be a number of tactical twists to consider when fitting your battleships:

  • 100% bonus to Afterburner speed
  • A reduction in damage from module overheating
  • Limit of one local repair module (shield or armor) per ship

Each battleship will be restricted to using Meta 5 modules, and the following modules will be banned outright:

  • Sensor Damp and Weapon Disruptor range scripts
  • Shield Rechargers
  • Shield Power Relays
  • Shield Flux Coils
  • Purger Rigs

There’ll also be a repeatable event challenge, giving you the chance to add 100,000,000 ISK to your wallet!

Bring your best Tech 1 battleship fits, and fight for the last of the festive rewards and glory!