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Caldari Gaming Commission found guilty of tax fraud

2007-05-18 - 发布者 Svarthol

The committee investigating the alleged tax fraud presented its findings to the Chief Executive Panel earlier today. The committee concluded that ‘the Caldari Gaming Commission (CGC) is guilty of tax evasion for trying to hide 3.4 billion isk from the State.’

The CEP has announced that they will abide by the decision of the committee, lead by Prof. Sari Hazel, and will act on the recommendations given.

‘We (the CEP) have reached an agreement to accept the conclusion stated in the report. We unanimously decided that the best course of action, for all parties involved, is for the CGC to pay back the evaded revenue with an additional penalty of 1.5 billion´, stated Jukkizaras Aboraala, Principal Clerk of the Chief Executive Panel, in a press conference.

Dabel Kaelikohani responded to the verdict in a companywide e-mail, declaring it an ´unjust, biased decision influenced by greed´ while expressing his doubts on the future of the CGC.