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Caldari Leaders Wary of New Federation President

2009-12-03 - 发布者 Svarthol

New Caldari - State Executor Tibus Heth took time today to speak to the press on the recent Gallente elections. He said that "any attempt to intrude upon the sovereign territory of the Caldari State will be met with an immediate and overwhelming response" by Caldari forces. His statement was seen as a warning to the new Federation administration against attempts to retake Caldari Prime and the Gallente border systems occupied by the State, something which Jacus Roden mentioned several times during his campaign.  Caldari Navy forces in the occupied territories have been at an elevated state of alert since Tuesday's elections.

Elsewhere in the State, public reaction has been muted.  Most corporations have followed the lead of Ishukone, which released a statement saying that the company hoped that the new Federation administration would "recognize the need to stabilize the cluster-wide economic and political situation," avoiding any comment on specific Federation policy.

Such caution is not unexpected, according to political analyst Ylle Audre, due to the business interests that many of the megacorporations and their subsidiaries still maintain in the Federation despite the ongoing border hostilities.

"Roden is probably the closest you can come to a Caldari CEO outside of the State itself, and despite his Caldari Prime comments during the campaign, I think many Caldari CEOs see him as someone they may be able to deal with," says Audre.  "Whether or not they can -- or if Heth and the Provists will allow them to do so -- remains to be seen, of course."