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Changes made to complex NPC groups and a few missions

2006-03-07 - 发布者 CCP TomB

Everybody knooooows ... complexes and missions have been missing out on all the fun with the new NPC pirate types that came in Red Moon Rising, now we have finally squeezed them in. The changes were done on large scale where many frigates and cruisers have been upgraded and others been replaced with new opponents. The amount of complexes today is kind of a lot and so are missions that are using these same NPC types.

Testing all the complexes and missions inhouse will be very hard, so I am asking for help from our players. If someone has spare time or currently stuck in station on TQ (camped by enemies), please help us by trying out a few complexes or missions on the test server and leave us feedback in the forum thread reachec by clicking the comments link.

Here is a list of what changes you should be seeing when entering a complex or doing an agent mission:

  • Much of the Frigate opponents in higher level complexes, level 4 and above, have been replaced with Destroyers, but will also be noticed in lower level complexes when going deeper into the complexes.

  • The same goes for Cruisers which will be replaced by Battlecruisers in higher level complexes in a large scale, level 7 and above, but might also be seen in level 4-6 when you are deep inside.

  • The Commander "version" of the NPC pirates in complexes (even though not dropping "Commander" loot and causing confusion among many players) have been removed, their presence in complexes is not needed with all the new NPC's coming in, which will be giving even more scalability of NPC types.

  • Elite Frigates and Cruisers won't be seen much at first and have even been removed from some complexes, but they will be carefully and slowly put into place and most likely just used as support for larger ships in high level complexes or as support for the big boy bosses (2 or more Elite Cruisers supporting a boss in level 5 complex).

These changes will be making complexes generally a bit more difficult but mostly the "smaller" NPC's found in the higher level complexes.