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Colossus Qualifiers postponed 1 week

2004-08-27 - 发布者 Svarthol

Howdy folks,

Unfortunately, due to the massive workload brought on by Shiva and the necessary resultant re-prioritization of tasks, we need to postpone the beginning of COLOSSUS qualifiers. We are currently setting up the qualifier schedule and assigning contestants to their qualifier races in accordance with their time zones in an attempt to better accommodate everyone.

We realize that it's necessary for the pertinent information (final rules and a full schedule) to be out there well in advance of the actual races, both so that players are able to plan out their tactics and so that those who for some reason won't be able to make their qualifier race can attempt to get their qualifier slot switched with someone else's.

So, to sum up:

Instead of beginning Monday, August 30th, the COLOSSUS Qualifiers will begin on Monday, September 6th and run until Sunday, October 3rd.

We will post rules updates and clarifications over the weekend, and the finalized schedule will be ready early next week.

Our apologies for the delay.